Monday, September 11, 2006

Art of a different kind.

I wanted to share this.
It's a pannel that I designed and beaded.
I submitted the pattern and instructions to Bead-patterns the magazine.
You'll never believe it, I actually made the cover.
: )

Click here to see the actual magazine cover, and table of contents.
: )


potato farm girl said...

That's some crazy skill!!! Very awesome, you should make a gigantic piece like that!

tara nicole said...

oh my gosh!!!! beth congrats!!! that is so cool you're work is on the cover! i'd like to see that piece in person sometime its really beautiful!

bsleven said...

Thanks guys.

: )

I really appericate all of your nice comments.

: )

josie said...

what nice bead magic, beth! it's magically delicious!