About Me

I'll be perfectly honest. I've never been comfortable talking about myself, but I suppose there's no other option on an "About Me" page.  So here it goes. : )

I am an Animator, Character Designer, Storyboard Artist who works in the Animation industry. I love animation and wanted to be a part of the animation industry since I was a little kid. I grew up watching anything animated that I could get my hands on, which left me with a deep love and respect for the artistry that goes into producing animated films, TV shows, games, and shorts.

I strive to always learn more and improve, which in part is why I started this blog. If you search back to the earliest posts I'm sure you'll find they are a bit rough around the edges. But I keep them there as a  reminder that we all should continue to push ourselves to explore new things and improve.

As I'm sure you've noticed if you've perused my blog even just a  little is, I have a bit of an affinity for Monsters. : )

I have loved monster movies ever since being a little kid. My favorites were the "B" monster movies they showed late at night. Especially the ones with the practicale effects. Movies like "Army of Darkness", "The Thing", and "Prophecy". I mean seriously how can you beat a movies about a toxic waste mutated grizzly bear out for vengeance?

: )

I hope you stick around explore the blog a bit, and leave a comment or two.