Sunday, October 08, 2006

Gorilla Sketches.

Some quick sketches of Gorillas.
: )


Lompoc42 said...

They look so strong! These are really fantastic sketches. How long do they take on average? Do you stare at them and then draw from the memory, or do you watch and draw simultaneously?

I love how you capture their essence with such simple movement.

bsleven said...

Hi lompoc42


Theses sketches were done pretty quickly. Each of them probably only taking a couple of minutes.
Usually I try to watch something while I'm sketching it. But I think that you end up drawing from memeory too, since not all animals sit still.
Another option it to use refernece video. That way you can watch it over and over.

: )

Lompoc42 said...

Very cool! I've always struggled with line simplicity. Usually when I try to do a quick sketch it gets so muddled that it ends up looking more like a big black squiggle than a sketch.

I always learn a lot from looking at good examples. Keep'em coming!

p.s. I love your blog

flipstudios said...

magnificent my man. thanks for dropping by. i'm glad i checked your blog as well cause its sweet. your monsters rock. where do you work?


bsleven said...

Howdy Flip,

Thank you so much for stopping by. I really like your stuff.

I've worked at alot of different studios. I do mainly animation both 2D and CG.
I live in the US.

How about yourself?

I totally look forward to seeing more of your stuff.

Keep stopping by, there will be much more to come.

: )

minty_eye said...

Here I am Monkey Queen...nice sketches girl.

TotalD said...

Too good. I'm jealous !

bsleven said...

Awww shucks
TotalD you're making me blush.

: )