Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ahoy Yee Squabs And Other Fowl!

This is a piece I did for my new friends Ray Friesen who I met at free comic book day!
He loves Penguins and Pirates.  : )
You can check out some of his wonderful work by clicking  here.


George kaprielian said...

oh wow, these drawins are so damn appealing. great stuff!

George kaprielian said...

hehe thanks for stopping by the blog again, sorry theres nothign new, but then again i guess i can say the same thing about yours :P

stuff still looks great though. that rabbit is pretty damn cute

Visedo said...

Wow, you've got awesome stuff here. Very nice character designs. I'll come around very often.

Thanks for your comment in my lil' blog.

Marcos Cohen said...

Wow! great characters! They are very appealing! I like your blog!! Thanks for the commenting mine!! i'll be coming to visit your blog from now on!

Anonymous said...