Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gamels or Coats?

Camels + Goats = ?
For some reason I got to wonderin' what you'd get if you crossed a camel and a goat. : )


Brendan said...

Cool stuff! It was a pleasure meeting you at FCBD today. My son really likes the sketch you drew for him; he asked what character you drew, and I told him that you created a new character that was special just for him. He gave me a big smile. :D


bsleven said...

My Pleasure! : )
I'm so flattered that he liked it!

: )

Phillip said...

This is a question for an old thing you were involved in...
....zombie giraffes to be specific.

Do you know all the artists involved in that initial drawing thing on Drawing Board website?
-had a question about one of them. My email is

Thanks so much!