Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Half Marathon!

I'm doing a half marathon!

This isn't art, related but I wanted to put it out there anyway.
Cancer is a horrible disease, one that far to many of my family and friends have had to battle.

I want to help punch cancer in it's stupid face! So I'll be running a half Marathon this fourth of July, and I've set up a page to help raise money for the American Cancer Society,

This is the first half marathon I've done. I'm a bit nervous, but wanted to help raise money to fight cancer while doing it.
: )

If your interested in donating click HERE

Happy fourth of July everyone!


The half Marathon went well! The last few miles were the hardest, but I have to admit I had fun.
I want to thank everyone who was so supportive and donated to the American Cancer Society. I really apperciate it. : )

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Richard Gaines said...

I hope everything's okay with you!

Happy Fourth and raise Ol' Glory!