Friday, July 26, 2013


"Underestimated", this piece measures 17in x 23in. It's the largest piece I've done in quite some time. 

I suppose you could say the title refers both to the little guy sitting atop the pile, and me underestimating how large the finished piece would be.   : )

When I started it I thought it would end up being around 13 in x 19 in.

I gave myself a deadline, and wanted to finish "underestimated" before leaving for this years Comic Con.  I managed to do so, but I ended up staying up pretty dang late a few night. Who am I kidding though, I'm usually up till then anyway, but it's just watching TV and eating popcorn. : )

 I had a few friends I wanted to give the print to as a gift. Which is why I wanted to have it ready by Comic Con. 

Comic Con is always such a great place to walk around, and run into friends old and new. : )

I ended up printing it out at 13 in x 19 in, I wasn't sure I could find any where to print it larger then that on such short notice. 

Hopefully at some point I can find somewhere to print it out at its full size. : )

As always click on the image to view a larger version. 

Hope everyone who was able to go to Comic Con enjoyed it!

Have a great day everybody!

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