Sunday, December 30, 2012

Phamily Foto...

So, I debated posting this for a while. Mainly because it was a personal piece, I did as a gift for my family.

This year, to put it very mildly has been a very difficult one. Both for myself and those I love. Along with a number of personal struggles, I lost more then one family member.

So as a gift for the holidays I gave my family a print of this image, "Phamily foto".

My intent behind the piece was a light hearted way to say this. "No matter how bad things are, no matter how much we may fight, or get on each others nerves we are, and always will be family. There for each other in the good times, and the bad."

This year seemed to be filled with many of the latter. I sincerely hope the coming year, the scales will tip in the other direction.

Enough of my Blah, Blahing, I want to leave this post on a happy note. So I will finish by saying I wish you, and all those you love a fantastic, and very happy new year!
Monster hugs to everyone!

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